September 14TH, 2019        1720, Los Angeles        21+

DRESS UP and GET DOWN in an alien spaceship hangar! Follow SPACE PARTY to the repair shop of the greatest alien mechanic in the galaxy. Keyzo and his robot Bleep will be there to greet you, but beware the ginksters that he owes money to! Enjoy an immersive, interactive adventure in space all while dancing to robotic electronic music by Robot Nature, NKRiot and more! There’s a party in space… And you’re invited.

11.17.18     SANCTUM X



SPACE PARTY siblings, Miles and Maya, crash-landed on a forbidden world and came across the Illix: a benevolent alien species, in super secret quarantine. Thira, Dip, and Ido described that their kind possess a life giving power they call "The Hum" which has subjected them to poaching and slavery. They've become endangered, forced to reside on  Sanctum X: a planet protected by the Intergalactic Federation. Though the plant life and lower life forms allow the Illix to survive on this world, their "Hum" is weak without the presence of other sentient species. Maya and Miles couldn't help but offer to throw a galactic bash for these sweet creatures, and they were delighted to host! Assuming the Intergalactic Federation didn't find out, it was sure to be the party of a lifetime.

SPACE PARTY located a portal door built into an overgrown Federation Outpost. They were able to link it to the one in their lab back on Earth. Thus they had an ideal venue! Just needed some Lodisian Power Converters and it was SPACE PARTY time!

And what a party it was. The nocturnal Illix awoke and paraded around the dance floor, delighting the space travelers in attendance. Guests lounged in the Illix Nest, trained in the VR Simulation Station, and sipped on Illixian tonics concocted by the now infamous bartenders Graham and Pye. Performances ranged from SP in-house favorites Eyelove and Brian Veeh, to newcomers Dangeruss, Manny Gold, and cyborg bounty hunter turned EDM producer, Toxis.

And then, during the SPACE PARTY Collective set, Intergalactic Overseer, Scorba Mathis, called in to shut the party down. She ordered Agent Durge, who'd technically warned us, to detain Miles and Maya but...he refused! He, Thira and the Illix, spoke on behalf of SPACE PARTY and convinced Scorba that this was a peace mission. The Overseer demoted Durge to be ambassador to SPACE PARTY and allowed Illix to roam the galaxy at their own risk. SPACE PARTY was free to rage again, despite a pretty hefty fine. The mission was a success and the Hum was palpable. Headliner Pat Lok and full band of Friends played an incredible live set to celebrate the revival of the Illix. The mission was a success.

5.26.18     PAROOK'S PALACE


Parook's Palace Logo_Final-05.png

When King Parook first threatened Miles and Maya into throwing him a 2,000th Birth Moon Celebration, the siblings were understandably a little less enthusiastic than usual. But once they got to know King Parook, they still lived with the fear that he would end them if the party wasn't a banger.

After Parook's initial Transmission, Miles and Maya received a mysterious package from the vagabond king. They pieced the contents together, creating a portal door to the Moon of Mungo.  Parook's favorite moon is one of three circling his home planet, Lunkut, the largest world in the notorious Laplorian system. Naturally, this would be where Parook would park his space traveling Palace for the celebration.


Miles and Maya took the Teleportation Tunnel, on their first intergalactic trip, to meet with King Parook in person/alien.  Here, the sibling duo met Parook's servent/advisor/jester he calls Poolar, and his apparent girlfriend, Jen. It was kind of fun but mostly very awkward.

At long last, the day arrived, and low and behold, the party was a total banger! Except for that one part during Miles and Maya's set when Parook's rap went wrong and he started swinging his blaster around threatening everybody. Then he went off about an Intergalactic Federal Agent being there since he had no idea we'd already met Durge and knew he was super chill. So yeah, that part was pretty rough. Luckily, Jen, and a very drunk Poolar, convinced Parook to get back to partying. All in all, it was a night to remember.

8.12.17     SPACE PARTY LAB



When Miles and Maya had the idea to start throwing parties for aliens, their first challenge was making contact. They brought all their questions to their friend Brennan, a chemist, and more importantly, the smartest guy around, (that they knew). They used his rough and totally hypothetical hypothesis to build an extremely questionable FRB transmitter relay...much to Brennan's chagrin. But, unbelievably, it actually worked! 


Miles and Maya immediately sent a message into space inviting all lifeforms to their very first SPACE PARTY. And... before long... they started receiving messages from aliens around the whole freaking universe. Some of their notable correspondents were Blarm and Blarn from Eeeeek 4, a planet that was already fascinated with earth culture, Yar, a barbaric crustaceous alien from planet Zarb who has since become Miles and Maya's roommate, and some terrifying creature from...somewhere? Oh and there was another message they didn't receive until far too late. It was Durge, an Intergalactic Federal agent, warning Miles and Maya that what they were doing was against Intergalactic Regulations and extremely dangerous.

SPACE PARTY's premiere event took place in their LAB,

set up at Westside Nightclub. Robots, aliens and humans drank test tube immunization shots before entering the highly toxic environment. Guests enjoyed playing with a barrel of hazardous slime, drinking signature laboratory cocktails, and dancing to an awesome lineup of producers and DJs. But then, without warning, Durge showed up and held the whole party at gun point! Miles and Maya were forced to prove that they were on a peace mission to bring the universe together, so they played the stupidest, happiest song they'd ever made. The reluctant agent couldn't help grooving out and allowed the festivities to continue. Phew. So began the SAGA of SPACE PARTY and all the dance-filled adventures to come...