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Miles crosman

Planet: Earth

Intergalactic Event Creator

Miles is a real space cadet. Co-Founder of Space Party LLC with his sister Maya, this art boy loves making music, jokes and friends, especially at the same time! Miles tries to be sensible and quick-witted, with varying degrees of success. Together, he and his sis-tar team up to journey around the galaxy meeting aliens and throwing the dankest of parties. He is head producer of SPACE PARTY’s electronic music, which he plays live at the events with Maya on the visuals.

maya crosman

Planet: Earth

Intergalactic Event Creator

Maya is “ready in 5” to seize the day! Co-Founder of SPACE PARTY LLC with her
brother Miles, Maya is an artist, designer, and comedian who builds spaceships and friendships with wild abandon. She is an ever-optimistic galactic explorer, willing to take the jump without a parachute. Maya performs music, and co-hosts The SPACE PARTY Podcast, with Miles. Who’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring this big beautiful galaxy together?! Maya is.

Agent durge

Planet: Station 77

SPAce party galactic ambassador

Agent Durge loves revelry, long video chats, longer workouts, and (fun fact) was bio-engineered by the Intergalactic Federation! Part human and part machine, Durge has been on many missions through the cosmos but didn’t have to deal with Earth until SPACE PARTY’s first invitation to their laboratory. Thinking this was a bad idea, Durge attempted to intervene but was convinced by Miles and Maya to keep the peace. Since then, Durge has been instrumental to the success of SPACE PARTY’s events! He held King Parook at bay at Parook's Palace, and defended SP against Overseer Scorba Mathis at Sanctum X. Because of the latter encounter, Durge was 'demoted' to Ambassador of SPACE PARTY, so that he might continue keeping them safe on their super lit journey. What a guyborg!


Planet: zarb

zarbian crab man

MEET YAR! YAR drinks Red Bull and never misses an episode of Ballers on HBO. He’s been a regular SPACE PARTY attendee since our first event in our lab. His first message was clearly an attempt to coax us into flying to his home-world, Planet Zarb, to be devoured by his tribe or whatever. But Yar traveled to Earth for the event, and loved it so much he hasn’t gone back! He even moved in with Miles and Maya. Sure, he never pays his rent on time, but he has been amazing at promoting SP events at Comic Con, Wonder Con and up and down Hollywood Blvd. Yar cannot speak a lick of English, some creatures just don’t have the palate for it. Still, Miles and Maya understand him pretty well by now. He’s been adapting to the LA scene and has gained the interest of fashion photographers and agents. Way to go, roomie!


Planet: eartH

earth chemist

Brennan is a real live chemist from planet Earth! He works in a
laboratory experimenting and creating pharmaceuticals, (that’s drugs, kids!) Miles and Maya, having no real science background, reached out to him when they began their search for extra-terrestrial party-goers. He’s our go-to for basically everything. Brennan said something vague about transmitter relays, and the siblings took a trip through the dark web to acquire what they needed to send and receive alien transmissions. Brennan was featured on our first episode of The SPACE PARTY Podcast to talk about aliens, drugs and science! Thanks for all the hot science tips, Brennan!

king parook

Planet: Luncut

Vagabond king

King Parook rules over a rowdy group of partiers in his golden spaceship, which he
calls his Palace. He is always surrounded by his servant Poolar, and his human
girlfriend Jen. One of the last of his species, the Monkoko, he is known for finishing anyone’s drink, even taking it right out of someone’s claws, and roams the hazardous Laplorian system in search of parties to crash. Parook threatened SPACE PARTY into throwing him his 2,000th Moon celebration and they reluctantly agreed. They we were nearly exterminated by the drunk and enraged king on the night of the event, but ultimately it was a real good time. Shout out to Jen, Poolar and Durge for the support on that one! Learn more about King Parook on his episode of The SPACE PARTY Podcast.


Planet: none

bacterial growth, species unknown

Poolar is an advisor, servant and jester for King Parook. The vagabond king discovered a bacterial growth in his Parookah, which grew into this trusty companion. His majesty is rarely content with his peon’s service, and is usually a total dick to Poolar. Probably nothing personal, that’s just King Parook. Poolar is always eager to please, but even more eager to drink copious amounts of Mungo Nectar. When SPACE PARTY threw King Parook’s 2000th Moon celebration, Poolar got wasted and was still able to talk the king down from a murderous rage! Thanks, Poolar.


Planet: sanctum x

Illix leader

Ever-excited and exuberant, Thira is simply one of the most joyful beings in the galaxy. Illix are known for their life-giving power, called “The Hum.” When Miles and Maya crash-landed on their quarantined world, Sanctum X, Thira, Dip and Ido revealed that they were struggling in isolation, as their Hum is generated by the presence of other life forms. Thus, the SP siblings agreed to throw a party for these delightful sprites. Sure, it got them in pretty hot water with the Intergalactic Federation, but it was WELL worth it. Now the Illix can travel outside the Sanctum and around the galaxy. Learn more about Thira and the Illix on The SPACE PARTY Podcast, or listen to her beautiful voice on the song, "Symbiotic."


Planet: sanctum x


Dip loves giving compliments, touching fur, and going to music festivals! Dip was born, as all Illix are, from The Great Tree of Murf. She grew in a chrysalis next to her batch sister Thira, and they have remained close ever since! Learn more about her, Thira, and the Illix on The SPACE PARTY Podcast.


Planet: sanctum x


Ido is an ancient Illix who we met on Sanctum X! She loves hanging in trees and flying at night. Ido knows all about the history of the Illixians and their many tragic years without a home-world, she lived through them herself! Ido was thrilled to meet other lifeforms and dance at SPACE PARTY’s event so she may leave Sanctum X to boogie with us again!

scorba mathis

Planet: i.f. H.Q.

overseer of the intergalactic federation

Scorba is one of 3,000 Overseers of the Intergalactic Federation, the top position one can hold in the Galactic Alliance. She is fair, stern, and in all senses, a total boss. She interrupted Sanctum X with a transmission, and cited SP for partying on a quarantined world, but once she got all the specifics, she was actually pretty chill about it. SP was did have to pay a hefty fine, but that’s better than facing the severe neutrality of Judgebot 9000. Scorba demoted Durge to the sweet ass position of SPACE PARTY’s Intergalactic Ambassador. Don’t worry, he and Scorba still get brunch on the weekends.


Planet: gorok

Best mechanic in the galaxy

Keyzo is the proprietor of Keyzo's Hangar. He can fix virtually anything, and is well known for his prowess over all things mechanical. He is constantly fixing and updating his trusty robot Bleep, and spends his days climbing around his hangar and tinkering. He fell on hard times when Gorok's government collapsed, giving way to rampant ginkster activity. He was forced to take a loan from a gink leader named Cuddles and his crew of misfits. When Miles and Maya showed up to get their Disco ship repaired, Keyzo let them throw a party in his hangar for a cut of the profits in the hopes he could pay off his debt. Well the ginksters came to the party and fight ensued. Luckily, Spacey plied the ginksters with District Edibles and the day was saved. Keyzo got out of debt, and free to run his sweet biz.


Planet: gorok

the trustiest of robots

Bleep is a kind and honest robot. She loves dancing around and waggling her long robotic arms, but is dedicated to her job at the hangar and will do anything for Keyzo. Bleep was created from scrap pieces Keyzo aquired over the years and they have been inseparable ever since he flipped her switch on that first magical time. Bleep got kicked over by Cuddles in an attempt to defend Keyzo, and got chased around the hangar on the night of the event itself. But now that her master is out of debt she'll be back to working and twerking, and hopefully not sparking 'cause that keeps happening and it's very troublesome.


Planet: gorok

known criminal, ginkster leader

Cuddles is a cyborg bear who rules over a group of ginksters. They ardently defend their territory on Gorok from rival squads. Cuddles is a cunning loan shark, and often forces businesses to pay he and his ginkster crew for protection. It's rumored that he was a prototype designed to care for children, but I think we can safely say that did not work out. Cuddles hasn't had an easy life, and has had to be tough to survive. Still, he loves kickin' it with his ginksters, seeing dope shows, and doing cool designer drugs. He was happy to take home a bundle of District Edibles instead of Keyzo's full loan, and boy did he and his ginks get down on those gummies.